Cleaning Intervals – Kitchen Extraction Duct Cleaning

Extraction Duct Cleaning

We not only clean the full extraction system, we also clean the interior of the canopy hood. Using our unique foam and brushing system, we are able to reach more than just “arm’s length”. Particular attention is paid to the area behind the grills “the plenum” as this is where grease build up materialises, being so close to the heat source, it is imperative it’s cleaned to the highest standard.
Filters are removed, soaked in our Safe Grease Duct Cleaner powerful cleaning solution, rinsed and replaced.

With our unique foam and brushing system, we are able to clean your duct work to an extremely high standard without having to install as many access panels. Where access panels are needed but not fitted to the ducting, out trained technicians will insert panels in the relevant places and will also install drain off valves for the foam to disperse if required.

Extract Duct Cleaning Certificate and Post clean report

You can be sure that your fans will be cleaned too. We will install access panels either side of the fan where required. This will ensure that not only the fan blades, motor and casing, but the fan silencer, extraction grille and extraction filter housing are cleaned.

After the clean has taken place a Post clean report is carried out. This will include before and after photographs of specific areas e.g Pre canopy, Post canopy, 1 metre from canopy etc. In areas that have raised concerns during the clean, these will be highlighted in the report. A measurement of grease will be detailed using micronmeters >µm< and a wet film test tool

You will then be issued with a Certificate of Compliance which can be given to your insurance company

This can also be used if Environmental Health Inspectors or Fire Risk assessors turn up. It can be used as evidence to show you’ve taken action to minimise fire risks within your building.

Duct Cleaning Times & Intervals

We work with you to undertake the cleaning at times that is convenient for you and your business needs.

Usage Daily Usage Frequency of Cleaning
Heavy Use 12-16 hours per day Every 3 months
Medium Use 6 – 12 hours per day Every 6 months
Light Use 2 – 6 hours per day Every 12 months