RZ Ecoseal

After 30 years of being active in the chemical industry, RZ-Ecoseal® decided to solve the problems with grease extraction systems difficult to clean, highly flammable, non-leak and/or odor-proof.

After intensive research, RZ-Ecoseal® was born and then patented. Although the product was initially developed for grease extraction systems, as time went on it became clear that it is useful for many applications and/or problems. RZ-Ecoseal® now has contracts in various market segments, including asbestos, air conditioning, the heating industry, chimneys and more. The international interest in the product has grown sharply over the years and the product is now available worldwide.

sep-iconWhat is RZ Ecoseal

Ecoseal is a specifically developed waterproof sealant that is also non flammable. It is a water based opaque and halogen-free sealant that is also non-hygroscopic.  ​​Sealing a cleaned Kitchen Extract System with Ecoseal protects the surrounding area from the dangers of leaking grease from the kitchen ductwork joints.

​Ecoseal is also a non flammable so the kitchen extraction system is fully protected and maintained to the required high standard as part of a cleaning program.   ​The video below demonstrates just how non flammable Ecoseal really is.  Helping to protect your kitchen extraction system from fire. 
When dry Ecoseal is elastic, waterproof, UV and oil resistant and can therefore be used in locations with a high relative humidity and locations which are affected by weather conditions. 

A specially developed water-based seal.

Elastic, water and oil resistant.

Closes leaking holes (± 5mm).

UV resistant.

Non-Flammable (heat shield)

Acid and alkaline resistant.

Adheres to grease.

– Can be applied to places with high humidity.

The Solution

Once the system has been fully cleaned. The application of RZ-Ecoseal® will create an inner coating inside of any shape or size of ductwork. The coverage of between 1-1.5mm of RZ-Ecoseal evenly spread through the system fills and repairs any damaged parts of the ductwork.

In some cases poor quality ductwork can be the cause of leakages. RZ-Ecoseal® will strengthen and restore the quality of the old ductwork cheaper than purchasing a new system.


  • RZ-Ecoseal® makes cleaning easier and safer.
  • Regular maintenance becomes less labour intensive.
  • Less harmful chemicals can be used and the system is then cleaned by using a brushing technique.

Grease is a food source for pests

Rats and other rodents are attracted to the leaking duct work due to it being warm, dark and a moist environment. When you seal the ductwork with RZ-Ecoseal it eliminates all moisture and grease from leaking out of the system.

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