Kitchen Hygiene and Cleaning Services

At Lex Hygiene our company mantra is “Our business is keeping you in business”. We provide an excellent first class service, keeping your kitchen area’s clean to comply with current legislation. We are a company dedicated to training. All our staff hold the relevant qualifications needed to carry out cleaning.

All of our work is carried out to current TR19 standards as many insurance companies now insist that grease extract systems and deep fat fryer’s are cleaned to TR/19 as part of the warranty within the policy.


by one of our expert local consultants to discuss your needs


to help you comply with relevant hygiene legislation


All work carried out to current TR19 standards.


Lex Hygiene can at a time convenient to all, arrange for deep cleaning to take place monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually. This can take place when no actual cooking is taking place and the kitchen is free, to avoid disruption to your business practices.

We will provide you with pre and post photographs, a report and a Certificate of Compliance, keeping you compliant with your insurance company and your policy.

Competitive quotes guaranteed!

B&ES Guidelines followed

Minimal downtime in the kitchen

TR19 Standards

Pre and post photographs

Certificate of Compliance provided



RZ Ecoseal

After 30 years of being active in the chemical industry, RZ-Ecoseal® decided to solve the problems with grease extraction systems difficult to clean, highly flammable, non-leak and/or odor-proof.

After intensive research, RZ-Ecoseal® was born and then patented. Although the product was initially developed for grease extraction systems, as time went on it became clear that it is useful for many applications and/or problems. RZ-Ecoseal® now has contracts in various market segments, including asbestos, air conditioning, the heating industry, chimneys and more. The international interest in the product has grown sharply over the years and the product is now available worldwide.

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